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Welcome to Azachorok Contract Services, LLC.

Azachorok Contract Services, LLC specializes in the manufacture of quality products for the defense and commercial sector. ACS’s capabilities include hardware fabrication and test; full-scale production, documentation, training, configuration, QA and logistics management.

ACS’s precision machining and fabrication capabilities allow for a majority of our hardware production and packaging efforts to be performed in-house, resulting in higher quality products at lower costs. ACS engineering disciplines include RF, Digital, Systems, Software, Instrumentation, and Mechanical. ACS maintains a staff of subject matter experts with extensive experience in providing products and services to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Foreign Military and commercial customers.

ACS is an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) located in Mountain Village, Alaska and Palmdale, California. ACS is a capable prime contractor of multi-million dollar programs and also provides products and services to large prime contractors to help them meet their small business subcontracting goals. Subcontracts awarded to ACS may qualify the prime contractor to receive a 5% rebate of the subcontract dollar value under the Indian Incentive Program.

ACS’s capabilities include mechanical fabrication and test, full-scale production, configuration, QA and logistics management.
ACS engineering disciplines include RF, Digital, Systems, Software, Instrumentation, Mechanical...


Signal Generator Test Set

Signal Generator Test Set - ACS's Signal Generator Test Set permits transmission line performance verification and diagnostics, including Insertion Loss (IL), Return Loss (RL), Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and Distance to Fault (DTF)

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Telecommunications Test Set

Telecommunications Test Set - AN/UIM-1 Telecommunications System Test Set (TSTS) replaces currently used U.S. Navy and Marine Intermediate Level (I-Level) Intercommunication System Testers that perform testing, fault isolation and

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MV-22B AN/APR-39

Antenna Coupler Interconnect Group

The AN/APR-39A (V)2 ACIG provides the RF coupling interface between the AN/USM-713 Test Set and the AN/APR-39A(V)2 Radar Signals Detecting Set installed in the MV-22B aircraft and are used for end-to-end testing of the system and antennas

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The Azachorok Contract Services Millimeter Wave Hand Held Radar Signal Simulator (MMW HHRSS) is a programmable, portable radar simulator that cost-effectively tests Radar Warning Receivers, Electronic Surveillance Measures and Electronic

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